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    "By improving yourself, the world is made a better place. Be not afraid of growing too slowly, be afraid only of standing still"
    (Benjamin Franklin)
    Short Biography

    He was born on milk street, in Boston into a polygamous family of Josiah Franklin, a father of seventeen children. Ben was the tenth child of the second wife. Although his dad wanted young Ben to have a formal education, but he was very poor to do that. So he managed to give young Ben only a two years formal education in Boston Latin school. The rest of Benjamin education was done through a personal voracious reading of books, some of which were bought by using most a times his savings gotten by helping his dad in his candle and soap making business. At 12, he joined his brother James in a printing business as an apprentice.

    Just with a two years formal education, and a voracious personal devotion to reading, he became one of the youngest celebrated writer during his early age. He created the lightning rod(This rod is used in our houses at the roof top, ships etc. to protect them from thunder strike), he is also the inventor of Franklin stove, a device used around 1741 to warm houses, since he designed it in such a way that it produces more heat and less smoke. He is also an inventor of bifocal glass commonly prescribed to people with presbyopia. He was the one that coined the name positive and negative charges in electricity. He was the first person that told us that lightning is actually the same as electricity via his famous kite experiment. First inventor of electrical battery, and many more.

    Despite being almost entirely self-taught, he co-founded the University of Philadelphia. He received honorary degrees from Harvard and Yale Universities respectively. He is one of the founding fathers of the United State of America along with Thomas Jefferson and co. A renowned polymath, an author, printer, political theorist, politician, Freemason, postmaster, a diplomat, statesman, civic activist, a scientist, an inventor and an ambassador. He is Benjamin Franklin

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