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    Chima Sunday (Tutor)
    19-05-2016 14:13:00 +0000

    "One of the most powerful and priceless thing a human can have is knowledge for you cannot buy it or sell it, but you can share and use your knowledge to make a difference in the world"
    (Abdus Salam)
    Short Biography

    He was a Pakistani theoretical physicist. He was born in Maghiana, India(now Pakistani). Nothing was special about him as always the case for genius. He was born to Chandhry Hussain in a poor farming district. Studied in an ordinary Urdu Medium School that lacks furniture. His house had no electricity nor basic facilities. He faced a lot of challenges, but they never served as an excuse from being an iconic scientist. At age 14, he took his college entrance examination and back out as the highest scored student. He won a full scholarship to the Government college university of Lahore Punjab state. He has a strong love for science. At age 17 he published his first paper.

    After his college, he applied in Indian Railways services, but did not qualify due to medical and mechanical test requisite for such post. He forget about the job, proceeds to study further at St Johns College, Cambridge. Now graduating with a double first class honours in both physics and mathematics. At age 33, he became one of the youngest persons to be elected a fellow of the Royal Society.

    His works were highly influential. He is remembered as "the father of Pakistan's School of Theoretical Physics" Established the fore most International Centre for Theoretical Physics in Trieste, Italy. (now called Abdus Salam International Centre of Theoretical Physics). He along side with other physicist joined the formular between Coulomb's law (i.e Electromagnetic Force) and the Weak force into a single formular commonly refer as Electroweak. This fetched them the prestigious Noble award in Physics in 1979

    He treated everyone with respect and compassion irrespective of religion, colour of skin or ethnicity. Little wonder the hall used for his public lectures is usually packed with both scientist and non scientist. He single handed sent about 500 physicists and mathematician from Pakistan for PhDs to the best institution in UK and USA despite an unfair, indifferent and strong oppositions from his own country men and Pakistan government. He is a father, a scientist, a noble laureate. He is Professor Abdus Salam

    (Ref: wikipedia,,,

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