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    Adeleye Adeoye
    12-03-2016 18:47:00 +0000

    ADMISSION PASSMARK TO FIRST CHOICE INSTITUTION: (From the Library of Esv.Adeleye Adeoye, 08185477576) This is what I have to tell you all that just wrote and still writing Jamb. For your admission into any institution of your 1st choice, all you need to know is the minimum entry(cutoff mark)for the post UTME. As at the moment no other cutoff mark except the same used to conduct the last post utme. If your score is between 180 and 199, you have hope, depending on your school of first choice. Most of the universities consider 180 and above except the top shot universities. Those top shot Universities are UNILAG, OAU, UI, UNIBEN, UNIPORT etc even federal govt can not compel them to take anything below 200 except their individual governing council. All you need to do is to check the pass mark for your course, it is always in percentage like 65%, I will explain that in details later. The pass mark is the combination of all your scores after grading. Your Jamb score is converted to 30%, your 5 minimum O'level requirement is graded and converted to scores; A1=6, B2=5, B3=4, C4=3, C5=2, C6=1. Post utme is converted to 40%, all these are added up to make up for your final score. As you can all see the post utme is the most powerful among the determinant of your admission. Let make an illustration. Uche, Shola and Adamu all participated in Jamb and Scored as follows; Adamu 220, Shola 208 and Uche 240. Uche wanted to study chemical Engineering at Unilag and has 5 credit in O'level as follows: English C5, Maths B2, physics A1, Chemistry C6, Biology C4. Adamu wanted to study accounting at Unilag and has 5 O'level credit as follows; English C6, Maths B2, Accounting A1, Economics B3, Commerce B3. Shola on his own part wanted to study Law at same Unilag and has the following O'level; English B3, Maths C4, CRK A1, Lit in English C6, Govt B3. In post utme based on100, Shola scored 77, Uche scored 35 while Adamu scored 60. Let now find out the final score after grading. We should not forget that Jamb score is graded as 30%, O'levels are graded 30% and post utme as 40% (30+30+40=100). Supposing UNILAG admission pass mark for accountancy is 60%, Chemical Engineering is 60% and Law is 60%. Let see the chances of the 3 candidates. Adamu: Jamb score 220, post utme 60, O'level C4,B2,A1,B3,B3 Grading thus; 220 graded to 30%= 220/400 x 30= 16.5(say 17). Post utme: graded to 40%= 40/100x60= 24. O'level; graded to 30% thus C4=3, B2=5,A1=6, B3=4, B3=4 (3+5+6+4+4=22) Adamu total score= (17+24+22)%=63% Uche Jamb score 240, post utme 35, O'level C5,B2,A1,C6,C4 Grading thus; 240 graded to 30%= 240/400 x 30= 18. Post utme: graded to 40%= 40/100x35= 14. O'level; graded to 30% thus C5=2,B2=5,A1=6,C6=1,C4=3 (2+5+6+1+3)=17 UCHE final score; (18+14+17)%=59% Shola Jamb score 208, post utme 77, O'level B3,C4,A1,C6,B3. Grading thus; 208 graded to 30%= 208/400 x 30= 15.6(say16) Post utme: graded to 40%= 40/100x77= 30.8 (say 31) O'level; graded to 30% thus B3=4,C4=3,A1=6,C6=1,B3=4 (4+3+6+1+4)=18 Shola final score; (16+31+18)%=61% Adamu=63%, Uche=59%, Shola 61%. As we can see Uche, despite scoring the highest in Jamb among the trio, he could not make it to the pass mark of 60% for his desire course(chemical engineering) Pls note: This is just an illustration to how the scores are graded to arrive at final pass mark. All the three candidates names are not real( let say a fiction) but the calculation is just the way it is been done. Also note, there is nothing like mark upgrading, DONT fall into the hands of scammers, they are everywhere deceiving people I wish every candidate the best of luck (From the Library of Esv.Adeleye Adeoye, 08185477576)

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